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            The Food Bank of South Jersey

            Helping Our Communities During COVID-19

            In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have contributed over $5 million to-date in financial support and food to organizations across North America. We first announced on March 16 that we would donate $1 million in cash and food to food banks and local pantries in our hometowns. The need in our local communities has been so great that we have exceeded that amount and expect it to continue to increase.

            Our help is needed now more than ever, as the communities in which we operate adapt to the crisis and manage both the social and economic impact of the pandemic. The funds will feed people in our communities across the country, from our chip factory in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and our offices in Tualatin, Oregon, to our meals and beverages plant in Napoleon, Ohio, and dozens of towns in between.

            Through this commitment, we are providing direct financial support to local food banks, pantries and community organizations across the country. The funding is critically important as these organizations work to quickly shift the way they operate from direct feeding to mobile pantries, meal delivery and other approaches dictated by this crisis.

            “The increased need for shelf-stable food has been a consistent request from food banks in the wake of this pandemic. We’ll continue to work with them to determine which products are most needed and dedicate production runs to meet their needs,” said Kim Fortunato, Vice President of Community Affairs and President of The Campbell Soup Foundation.

            Additionally, shipments of food donations are arriving to the Feeding America food bank network in these same areas, as well as other local pantries or feeding programs.

            Our initial distribution of funds and/or foods went to the following organizations in our hometown communities:

            1. Ashland, Ohio: Associated Charities, Greater Cleveland Food Bank &?United Way of Ashland
            2. Beloit, Wis.: Caritas Community Resource Center & Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin
            3. Bentonville, Ark.: Northwest Arkansas Food Bank
            4. Bloomfield, Conn.: Foodshare
            5. Camden, N.J.: Food Bank of South Jersey?& Cathedral Kitchen
            6. Charlotte, N.C.: Second Harvest of Metrolina
            7. Cincinnati, Ohio: Freestore Foodbank
            8. Columbus, Ga.: Feeding the Valley
            9. Denver, Pa.: Central Pennsylvania Food Bank &?Lancaster County Food Hub
            10. Downer’s Grove, Ill.: Northern Illinois Food Bank & West Suburban Community Pantry
            11. Downingtown, Pa.: Chester County Food Bank & Philabundance
            12. East Brunswick, N.J.: Community Food Bank of New Jersey &?Elijah’s Promise
            13. Franklin, Wis.: Feeding American Eastern Wisconsin &?Hunger Task Force
            14. Goodyear, Ariz.: St. Mary’s Food Bank
            15. Hanover, Pa.: Central Pennsylvania Food Bank &?Hanover Council of Churches
            16. Hyannis, Mass.: The Family Pantry of Cape Cod
            17. Jeffersonville, Ind.: Center for Lay Ministries & Dare to Care Food Bank
            18. Lakeland, Fla.: Feeding Tampa Bay &?Talbot House Ministries
            19. Maxton, N.C.: Church Community Services of Scotland County, Robeson County Church & Community Center, Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeast North Carolina, United Way of Scotland County & United Way of Robeson County
            20. Mexico City, Mexico: Alimento Para Todos
            21. Miami, Fla.: Feeding South Florida
            22. Milwaukee, Wis.: Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin &?Hunger Task Force
            23. Minneapolis, Minn.: Second Harvest Heartland &?Sharing and Caring Hands
            24. Mississauga, Canada: Daily Bread Food Bank
            25. Napoleon, Ohio: Crossroads Church, Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank &?United Way of Henry County
            26. Norwalk, Conn.: Filling in the Blanks & Person to Person
            27. Paris, Texas: Downtown Food Pantry (Lamar County Food Pantry)
            28. Puerto Rico: Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico
            29. Richmond, Utah: Cache Community Food Pantry & Utah Food Bank
            30. Salem, Ore.: Marion Polk Foodshare
            31. Stockton & Dixon, Calif.: Emergency Food Bank & Second Harvest Food Bank of San Joaquin and
              Stanislaus Counties
            32. Tualatin, Ore.: Urban Gleaners
            33. Willard, Ohio: Second Harvest Food Bank

            Campbell’s Foodservice donates food to Convoy of Hope

            Campbell’s Foodservice team provides made-to-serve foods, including soups, entrees and snacks, for education, fine dining and healthcare organizations. To provide support, they donated over $700,000 of food to Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to dispersing food to those in need across the world.

            Support for local Camden High School students

            Along with providing food for our neighbors nationwide, we have committed $100,000 to the Camden City School District in Camden, New Jersey, home of our world headquarters since 1869. The funds will provide all students at six public high schools with laptops for remote learning, a resource that’s critical in keeping students engaged and connected while at home.

            Campbell Canada shifts marketing $ to COVID-19 Relief

            Our Canadian team shifted their Andy Warhol 60th anniversary campaign to support communities in need. Now, they’re using their $300,000 CAD marketing budget to help food banks across Canada.

            New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund

            The Campbell Soup Foundation has donated $100,000 to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund (NJPRF) as a founding funder.?The fund was created to fight the medical, social and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s most vulnerable.

            Campbell’s Chunky teams up with Zach Ertz and Saquon Barkley

            Campbell’s Chunky has matched Zach Ertz’s $100,000 contribution to Philabundance, which is in addition to the donation of food our company made earlier.

            We also partnered with Saquon Barkley to make donations to the Food Bank of New York City and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

            Donating to one of the NFL’s charitable partners, Feeding America

            During the NFL Draft, our CEO Mark Clouse announced a $500,000 contribution to Feeding America in honor of our front-line employees who are working to ensure there’s food on tables across North America.

            As Mark said, “We will continue to provide food and comfort to those who need it most.”

            In these unprecedented times, we will continue to support the many communities that we call home.

            Learn more about how we’re responding to COVID-19 and supporting our employees.

            Image courtesy of The Food Bank of South Jersey.

            Updated on May 26, 2020