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            Monthly Archives: April 2017

            200 kids. One Campbell Place.

            As we continue to build our purpose-driven culture creating “moments that matter,” today we’re celebrating national ‘Take Your Children to Work Day’ at our Camden, N.J. headquarters. We’re excited to welcome more than 200 of our employees’ children to our office, where they will partake in several planned activities throughout the day that give a…

            Every day is Earth Day @ Campbell

            By: Dave Stangis, VP Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability ? Today is Earth Day. In recognition of this important day that has been celebrated around the world for more than 45 years, we designed a series of events this week at our World Headquarters (WHQ) in Camden, NJ to engage employees and share information on sustainable…

            Earth Week Series: Employees dig in and build a new community garden

              By: Andrea Chu, Campbell’s Sustainable Agriculture Analyst, Agriculture Operations Network Our growers and farmers work extremely hard every day to do their part to produce real food that “has roots” and “is prepared with care.” Now our employees have the opportunity to get their hands dirty right at work and get a small taste…

            Earth Week Series: Campbell’s World HQ is green with building tech

              By: Kerrin Donnelly, Director of Facilities at Campbell   When the design of our new world headquarters (WHQ) campus began back in 2008, energy efficiency was top of mind. Our Global Engineering team worked closely with design professionals to ensure we constructed a state-of-the-art sustainable facility.   LEED Certification was the intent from the…

            Earth Week Series: Turning food waste into garden gold with composting

            By: Melissa Donnelly, Manager Sustainability Integration and Metrics ?     If you’ve seen my past blog posts, you know I’m no stranger to recycling and sustainable living, but when it comes to food waste I have a soft spot. I’m sure many of you have heard of composting, but like me, you may not…

            Key to Creating the Future of Food: Foresight

              At Campbell, we have been talking about the effects of ongoing seismic shifts in the food industry – generational, multicultural, socio-economic, urbanization, technological and a growing focus on health.   The shifts continue to accelerate and converge, and we’re embracing opportunities in the food world by using strategic foresight.   CEO Denise Morrison discussed…

            Fourth Graders Come in First With Cooking Matters

            By: Jane Freiman, Director of Campbell’s Consumer Test Kitchen   After six years, I still get excited to welcome young Camden students to our WHQ to participate in the Cooking Matters hands-on nutrition education experience.   For the past six weeks, our employees teamed up to host 10 terrific fourth-grade students from KIPP Cooper Norcross…