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            Monthly Archives: October 2016

            Proud and loud about our OUTstanding Leaders serving as LGBT allies

              The Financial Times, in partnership with OUTstanding, an LGBT network for business leaders and allies, names Bethmara Kessler, Senior Vice President of Integrated Global Services, to the Top 100 Leading LGBT+ Executives list, and Ed Carolan, President of Campbell Fresh, to the Top 30 Leading Ally Executives list for 2016. Bethmara serves as the…

            The Personalized Nutrition Revolution Starts Now

            From punk rocker to Plum Organics co-founder to personalized nutrition pioneer, Neil Grimmer, CEO and founder of Habit, brings “real food that matters for life’s moments” to a whole new level as his new start-up fuses nutrition, technology and food delivery. Born from his own health wake-up call and experience with a data-driven diet, Neil…

            Just Peachy, Giving “Seconds” A Second Life

            You give it a quick glance in the grocery store, but hastily toss it aside.? It is too small, lacks color or has a slight blemish.? It is the quest for the perfect piece of produce.? And this is one reason why more than 30% of food grown in the United States is sent to…

            Campbell Announces Management Changes In Campbell Fresh Division and Integrated Global Services

            CAMDEN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 17, 2016–?Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB)?today announced the appointment?of Ed Carolan as President – Campbell Fresh (C-Fresh). Carolan, 47, will?lead the division that includes Bolthouse Farms beverages, salad?dressings and carrots, Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa, hummus and?dips, and fresh soup, which combined account for approximately $1?billion in net sales. Carolan will succeed Jeff Dunn,…

            Pepperidge Farm Named Among BEST in Baking for 2016

            The 2016 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE)—the Western hemisphere’s largest and most comprehensive event for the grain-based food industry—and the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery publication have recognized Pepperidge Farm among their 2016 Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together (B.E.S.T.) in Baking award winners.   Pepperidge Farm’s bakery in Bloomfield, Conn. features a 1-megawatt solar array –…

            Why celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month is a moment that matters

            By: Christian Ardito, Senior Marketing Manager and Lead of our Hispanic Network de Campbell A colleague recently asked me how I celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month at home. As a Brazilian, my first thought was “that’s an interesting question,” then I smiled and had to say, “we don’t!” That’s because I bring my experiences and…

            Celebrating Real, Real… Superpowers

            Campbell’s Real Real Life Campaign celebrates the joys, frustrations and humor of real life in today’s modern American families. The campaign continues this year with families (some real) and new authentic situations where Campbell’s products can fit perfectly into their hectic lives.   “We had a tremendous response to our campaign last year,” said Yin…